Good old mother nature and another mechanical breakdown changed my plans in a hurry yesterday. Have not figured out why but the new blue thunder did not want to fire when I headed out yesterday morning? I cleaned the cabin and had kellie come get me with her bravada so I could get out on the lake to say goodbye to the guys and clean the houses. I only had a small window as a crew of 11 were rolling in at noon to fish on there way to low. Again mother nature had made a mess of things with the fresh snow coming down and steady winds at 20 miles a hour. It was a adventure going through the drifts as The wife all wheel drive does not work. As I was saying goodbye to Calvin and Lee, Cody and his crew drove over to say good buy and drove right into a snow drift that they could not see do to the white out conditions. I handed them a shovel after we tried to push them out with no luck. Of coure I had the bravada so did not have a snatch strap. I did have the insight to bring a shovel though. We headed back to shore to get a rope while they dug the truck out.Of course when I got back they were gone. With near white out condition and both trucks down moving a house or houses was not a option. Cleaning the houses became quite a chore as I had to walk through the snow drifts to get to the houses. I also had to auger out nortyh carolina . Just has I finised things up Bruce called from Hillmens to say they arrived. I headed in to meet them then back out through the snow drifts and 25 miles a hour winds out of the northwest. Luckly they all had trucks so getting to the houses was simple for them. Of course parking 4 vechicle around the houses with the winds imstantaly started making more drifts around every object around the houses. Ugg Once I got them all checked in I headed home to see what was up with blue thunder. She started right up with no miss what the f. After looking her over I gassed her up and spent the next 4 hours plowing snow around the houses and cleaning up the road too my houses. The guys heade d to lake of the woods around 630 so I said my good byes Each house caught a few fish and they were very satisfied with the set up.. About that time Phil called me as he and his dad Gordy needed two spots plowed out for there wheel houses as they are hosting some friends this weekend. More plowing to take care of them and I finally headed home. Took my boots off and looked at the calender only to see a special note that Jason and his crew were going to roll in at midnight. Zoiks guess I was not going to hit the sack early after all. With hardly any heat coming out of blue thunder I put a sunflower in the cab and I started it around 10:30 to try and un freeze the windows as the were pretty frosted up from all the snow plowing cleaning things up after all the guys left. What a mess and man do i have the snow around the houses. Jason called at 1am and off I went to meet them. Everything was going fine and then blue thunder sputtered and died 2 miles out on the lake. I’m thinking its again the fuel filter. I have another new one but have no clue where it is . I thought I had it in the truck and will head out shortly to try and find it. After sitting on the lake with no heat and the wind howling she fired back up and I limped her home where again she will not start this morning. Looks like a beatifull day out there today I’m headed out now to find that filter and hit the lake. Phil and Gordy got there 6 with in a hour of setting up. I will mark that spot with my system