I do not have all there names down yet but the guys in montana and florida are another great group of guys. With the red baron still in pieces, blue thunder is my work horse. She would not start again ,I found the spare filter and spent part of the morning replacing it. Putting the 1 inch nut “fine threads” on I got it crooked and stripped the threads a bit.Very frustrating working in the cold with bare hands. I had to put the problem on the back burner so I could check on the guys and gas up the generators. Quite the adventure driving out there as the wind blew all nite and created some massive drifts. Around florida is the worst with there truck parked in front of the house a drift had formed 4 feet deep behind there truck making it impossible to drive rite up to the house.. All four houses have snow plowed up and major drifts to deal with. FUN FUN FUN. Trevor called around 10; 30 to tell me they were here. I met them and escorted them out to montana where they hooked up with there buddies that arrived thursday nite friday morning. Peng Seng, and Neng also called around 11 so back to shore I went to meet them and get them all set up in old minnesota. Once they were checked in it was after 12 as I headed back in with the wifes bravada. Back to working on blue thunder while Kellie headed to black duck to pick up parts for the red baron. I was able to reset the one inch nut onthe carb and get the steel fuel line threaded back on. Now its was time to try and start her. I poored some fuel down the carb and she fired right up but only ran for 20 to 30 seconds. I poored some more fuel down the carb and this time it stayed running Sweet I thought only to notice fuel is seeping out the side of the fuel pump. A quick call to kellie and she turned around to get new fuel pump. She arrived home after 4 and it was to late to work on it so thast my project this morning..My goal is to get her running and move montana and florida on new spots today. Just to move them blue thunder will get a work out clearing all the drifting snow. With the temp at 11 below this morning installing that fuel pump will be very tricky as the lines underneith are all most impossible to get to. The fishing has been poor in montana and florida which I totally expected with out them on fresh ice. The houses never get better? Oh well I feel bad but good ol mother nature wins this one. Peng ,Seng and Neng were not doing much better all though I missed two while I was visitting them as they were playing cards enjoying there stay. I then headed back to montana to play some cards with the boys,while playing cards I had a keeper up to the hole but Trevors bobber also went down and as his drag was spinning he pulled the fish right back down the hole as we were tangled and it got off. Thats what happens when you play cards instead of fishing hard. Oh well we all had a good laugh and went back to playing cards after we reset the lines. It would be nice to see some fish out theer this morning when I check on the guys because I sure want to see them get some more action. When I left the lake last night it was still blowing and drifting