Day 12, December 29, 2008

I have been on the lake 12 days in a row now. Old Minnesota, California, Florida and Montana were all moved Friday and Saturday. I kept Utah on the same spot just to see if the fishing would die out there or still be good as the house had only been fished on the 19 and 20th and they did rather well.
Chris, Gordy and Phil rolled in Friday afternoon and fished at the end of Agassiz road. They did not have much luck there even though the grandkids and Phil we 20 yards away fishing in New York catching a couple of fish.
John Weston fished by Utah with his dad Jim and his son. They had on and off action both days and went home with there 9 fish plus ate a couple. Chris and his crew moved over behind Utah and headed home with there 15 as there were five of them. Lee and Sherry were up just for Saturday and fished Utah. They did not do to well as they just could not hook them. Lee said they marked a lot of fish but they were lookers?
Jerald and his crew are here for 3 nights and I told them we will move Utah today if they did not do well last night.
Pat, Ryan and Steve are in Old Minnesota they also showed up Saturday afternoon .When I checked with them Sunday morning they had caught 20 walleyes and two yes two bonus crappies Sunday morning.
With all the houses occupied last night when I made the rounds it was a little slow? It seems to be a fishy area so not sure what happened. I guess that’s fishing. Johnny boy, Big Tony and Joel fished New York at the end of the road and got 6 keepers late Saturday afternoon. Joel said it shut down at dark. Big Tony wants to come up and help me out this winter. He’s a big guy and would be a lot of help.
California had a furnace problem and we had to put on a new regulator and thermostat in it. Blue Thunder has been acting up in the transfer case. I will have to do some research on that. It felt good moving the houses Friday and Saturday. It went fairly well but there may have been a cuss word here or there as it is still hard work.