After checking with all the guys this morning it was back to shore to replace fuel pump on blue thunder. What a bear she was. After spending close to two hours on it I still was struggling to remove the fuel lines under the pump. Henery and Jake volunteered to come to shore and help me if I came and picked them up. I was like ya. When we arrived back home they jumped right in and with me holding the socket on from the bottom and Jake wrenching from the top we had the smog pump off and thrown away lickity split. We then were able to cut the steel fuel line and remove the fuel pump. I rooted around for some gas line and clamps and we had the new pump on in no time. How sweet it was to hear her fire up. Thanks again guys. After loading up the truck with the moving gear I was off to move Florida and Montana onto fresh ice. 3 hours later and the houses were moved and rebanked for the evening.
I had forgotten Phil had borrowed my auger. Oh Oh bad news the rope broke on him. I was kinda up set as he had grabbed the wrong auger he was spose to take my back up auger with the chipper blade. Once we got thing straightened out we were all good and I repaired the auger on the spot.
Trevor, Matt, Dan, Jake, Steave, Chad, Henery, and Jason were now all set for the evening in Montana and Florida. After dinner I headed back out to see if the move paid off and Trevor had pulled his first ever walleye through the ice. The fishing was still a little slow but I’m comfedent they had some action over nite. I then swung in to Minnesota and sampled some fresh walleye fish tocos and a bite of Squirrel that Peng had prepaired. Both were very good and I will try and take a grey squirrel with my bow next year. I’m now headed out to check on all the guys and a few other fishermen I have fishing in new locations. I also have some plowing to do On Buddy Hillmens hwy.Just some clean up with the straight blade. We then have a window with no rentals so I can take my time, detail the houses and make my decision where to move as I again have ruined 40 acres of upper red lake

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