Another weekend has come and gone. Only 6 weekends of walleye season to go. Man where has the season gone.
Now the good news both the red baron and blue thunder were back on the ice yesterday. The red baron hurt as I had to hire some one to repair it total cost 1600.00 that’s what I get for driving it tell it breaks. I will be replacing the right wheel bearing asap before I destroy that side also.
Fun fun fun was the way to describe this weekend, what a bunch of great customers I had a chance to meet. The crew in Montana had a riot playing cards, listening to music and catching a few fish, They even ate a couple. After getting blue thunder back on the ice I moved there houses about a 100 yards and they did have better fishing so that was great to see.
I got to hang with Seng, Neng and Peng yesterday and enjoy a little lunch with them on the ice. Shoulder pork, roast cut up into steak, brats fried mushrooms and onions. For a appitisor whole walleye fried bone and all perch and a new delicasi fried perch eggs that were outstanding. I guess walleye eggs are a little grainy. Peng was in old Minnesota less then 30 seconds Friday when his wedding ring went down the hole. I called a couple of outfitters but no one had the equipment or time to try and retreave it. I’m going to try and borrow a camera before I move the house and maybe with a little luck we can retreave it from the bottom of upper red lake. Marty is coming up tomorrow to help me with some projects and do some evening/overnite fishing. I have a list of things to get done on shore so I will keep him busy.
Marlo and his buddie set up 500 yards east of me and got 10 overnite. They packed up there wheelhouse and headed out deeper where marty texting and said they were doing much better last nite. I also drove out and talked to a group that I had sent out further, they had a mess of fish plus 4 or 5 bonus perch and the four of them were playing cards when I stopped by around noon. With nothing rented until thursday I will have all the houses on fresh ice this up and coming weekend just still not sure where at this time