Crappie fishing? Wow looking at the calendar 16 straight days on the ice. It has been hectic to say the least. FUN ,fun, fun though gotta love working on the lake. Marty will be up tonight to help me put tail lite on blue thunder and head lites on the red baron. I truly love my trucks. Sure they break and I may cuss at them but they take a beating out there.
Buddy Hillmen’s hwy is in great shape. Stay away from the berm to the south as it has sunk and became a active pressure ridge with any where from 3 to 5 feet of slush underneath. A few fishermen have learned that the hard way and when I say a few I’m talking more then three.
Marlo called me yesterday when he was leaving and they figured between the two landed 30 fish. The plan is to set Boar and his crew into that area friday. I never heard from Goose after he moved . Give me a call goose if you get the chance. Yesterday I was on the lake early before a must needed trip to Bemidji. A new chipper bar a new spud bar, both lost. Headlites and tail lites as they also take a beating out there. I even made a deal on a new auger, my old one was 10 years old. I have been waiting for the day I auger and the transmission falls apart and I loose the auger right down the hole. It still can happen as the auger is not retired at this time. Looking forward to detailing the houses today and moving them tomorrow with Marty’s help. He is pumped and is looking forward to working on the ice for a couple of days . He is the type that needs to be doing something as he does have some medical problems and does not want to sit around and die. What a great attitude to follow.
Talked to Peng yesterday he will be coming up with his cusins Friday or Saturday to try and retrieve his wedding ring.
Now for the crappie fishing my plans at this time is to head west when everyone else is heading east at the end of the season. I expect buddy will keep his road open and have shacks out there also. I will have to confirm with him. The season just goes by to fast for me and I’m never in a hurry to see it end.