Spent three hours on the lake yesterday fishing, remodling, and detailing Montana. Florida is on the list this morning. I did manage to catch three fish while I was in Montana so about one a hour. Marty was spending the night out there so we will see how he did overnite before I make a big move . Minnesota and North Carolina will be pulled out of there spots today. Gene and Sue will be here tomorrow morning to fish for the day. My plan was to do a little scoutting out of the truck this morning but I want to fish it comfort this morning and have a few things I need to do in florida, so I will wet a line there this morning as I watch the sun come up. Not sure whats going to happen with the limit changes to two jan 23rd. I do not have a lot of reservation for Feb and wonder if the calls are going to trickle in. The other choice will to start chasing crappies again and that take a lot of gas and time but may be the only choice I have. What to do, What to do. It will be nice to have headlites on the red baron and taillites on blue thunder and we could not of ask for better weather from mother nature /god Thank you. Time to warm up the trucks and hit the ice