Yesterday morning detailing Florida the lake was rumbling from the warm up. A balmy 28 as I type this. I had plenty to do on shore and no need to go out further I assume the bridges were ok as Buddy Hillmen never called me. We had a great day working on blue thunder and the red baron. I now have much needed plow lights on the red baron. Blue thunder has break lights and still needs tail lights. I thought I bought some quite some time ago and I could not find them.I also changed the oil on the red baron. Heading out shortly to wet a line as I wait for Gene and Sue to call. It sure is nice having Marty helping me with a few projects as when it comes to wiring I have no clue. Marty had caught 8 when I checked in yesterday morning . While I was working in Florida around 10 am he had a flurry where he caught 5 .I had two lines down in Florida and never got a bite that I saw. When I checked my ratting flyer the minnow was gone but I guess I could of jigged it off. I have to dig out Minnesota and north Carolina today as it just did not work out yesterday. I have a spot all picked out and as far as I’m concerned its still a fishy area and I have not ruined it yet. Bill and his buddy arrive for Minnesota around 2. Sue and Gene are from low and are just down for the day into the early evening. Were full tomorrow except the cabin is not being used until Saturday. I will take a quick trip out to the pressure ridge after light to see how bridges are. Remember to drive slow over them there is plenty of ice on each side of the crack so driving fast has no barring on making it across. With the 3 day weekend, nice weather, and the limit going to two fish on the 23rd my money is it is going to be one crazy weekend up here as the lake is going to get pounded. I expect westwind will be hopping. Don’t forget to stop at tall tavern/hillmens they have set ups bring your own bottle and 3 2 beer, plus they serve frozen pizza. They will have the football games on sunday on there big screen tv. Gotta hit the lake have a grand day as I plan to have a grand day as a local Dave use to say Its a GRAND LAKE! A GRAND LAKE! it owes me nothing,nothing