Well I was right I had a grand day on a grand lake yesterday.
We had both the red baron and blue thunder on the lake all day. One project was moving about a 100 yards stretch of snow from the north side of buddy hillmens road to the south. Working both trucks it took about 2 hours and two tanks of gas as the trucks got a good work out. I think Marty enjoyed throwing the snow with the red baron but said he still has to get use to it. We then got Minnesota moved and setup as Tom and Bill arrived right on time at 2pm as I was just finishing augering the holes. After getting them checked in I stopped to see gene and sue they were up to four and had released a couple to big. Gene called me a hour later and said they had there 6 and were headed home to bauddett. I also got north Carolina out of its spot and will be prepping that house this morning. Jake arrives at 8am for florida I have left it where it was as it has only been fished by Sue and Gene during the day and Trevor’s crew less the 24 hours last Saturday/sunday. If need be I can always move it for them tomorrow. Montana has been fished a little bit more with Marty staying out there the last couple of nights. Wendesday night the rattle wheel kept him up until four when he finaly said enough and reeled them in. A very good problem to have. Marty leaves today and I enjoyed working with him and I think he also enjoyed working on the lake. We have 2 to 4 inches of snow coming this weekend , kinda bad timing as it will cause a lot of drifting around the vechicles and houses. Darn that mother nature who does she think she is. The Boss
Remember if you go out of hillmens try to set up at least 50 yards off the main hwy if not further as the snow will drift across the hwy if your set up to close. The bridges have been moved and again go over them slow. there is plenty of room to the north of Hillmen’s Hwy spread out and enjoy the weekend. If ya want a spot plowed wave down a plow truck and they should be able to punch you a spot. Good luck this weekend , only take what you need and help keep a grand lake a grand lake