Every thing went smooth as slick yesterday. Checked in all the customers and working on the names. Spent some time with Berry and Bill this morning . They caught some fish and last night gave me a half dozen chocolate chip cookies with wallnuts. My favorit cookie? Jake, Ryan and Gavin have also have caught some fish. There timing is off as they arrived around 4am at hillmens and checked in at 8am. When I stopped by right before dark they were sleeping like babies. This morning two of three were sleeping wonder if it had any thing to do with the rattle wheels. Stopped in to Montana to check in on Dale and Nolen and we shared some fishing stories.
They also have had action. I think it was Nolen’s first walleye through the ice but I may be wrong. I know the story he told us he lost a 10 lber. summer fishing. The guys in north Carolina are a little cramped as it is a 2 man sleeper. They are making it work and were having a grand time on a grand lake last night. I think it was ryan feeling no pain. I offered to move the house today but they said every thing was cool and are content. Sweet, The snow missed us, sweet again. The bad news. I had one of three generators crash. 450 bones to repair a 650 dollar unit. sHe had a tough life and lasted 8 years. There goes half the bankroll as I need a third unit as a back up. Heading out to have lunch with a couple of wheel houses I set up. Any guess what were having? Fresh walleye never frozen. Gotta go its lunch time