The old weather man had a swing and a miss. 2 to 4 inches of snow turned into less then half a inch. We did get a strong wind out of the south east followed by a strong wind and flurries from the north west that caused quite a bit of drifting around fish houses and vechicles. Driving out to have lunch with Boar and fawkinnae yesterday there was three wheel houses set up to the south of Buddy’s road. They must of came out of westwind . Right in the middle of there set up was a car? A car? I know for a fact there is no road there so I have no clue how he got there other then following the tracks of the three wheel houses. With all the winds he will have a interesting trip back to shore. Lunch was a bust as the guys changed it to 3 pm. Buddy Hillmen pulled out two trucks from the berm to the south of his road yesterday. He also pulled out two trucks that tried to cross by the pressure ridge that also came out of westwinds. Hillmen’s charge 10 dollars a day to use there road. Stop in, get the latest info and pay the 10 bucks.
Kellie and I had dinner with Bill and Berry last night in old Minnesota ,a chuck roast with potatoes and onions and carrots umm ummm good. Reminded me of a offer I made years ago. When you arrive a roast will be waiting in the oven. I will add the potatoes, onions and carrots before you arrive so dinner will be served apon your arrival. If any one is interested in this give me a shout and we can make arrangements . Jake suggested I sell my home made pizza’s but they take a hour to make and I make a mess in the process so that was a bad idea.
Bill and berry figured they caught 28 fish so far with atleast that many misses. The house is rented today so the plan is to leave it there one more day before I move it as Chuck and his wife arrive at noon. Dale and Nolen have done all right in Montana .Larry will be here with two kids and another buddy and the plan is to have it on fresh ice before they arrive at noon. Sis and Leroy pull in at 4 for florida. Jake, Ryann and Gavin pull out at 10am. When I stopped last night they had a sink full of fish. Jake brought up a Polaris razor that I plan on taking it for a spin before they load it on the trailer . I have driven one before and if I was going to buy a wheeler that’s what I would buy its basically a dune buggy and every boy wanted a dune buggy when they were a kid. Matt, Ryan and Eric were in North Carolina and had the worst fishing of the four houses. I offered to move them yesterday but they were fine so they must of had some action .I know they were two shy of there 9 when I stooped in last night. Mark and his family roll in around 1 for North Carolina so that will be put on fresh ice also. I have another busy day and I’m loving it. Today is going to be a picture perfect day so we will see how the weather man does with that one. Marlo found a good bite further out so I need to check that area before he leaves. fawkinnae and Boar also did real well and I have my eye on that