The day started off a little nasty with a stong wind out of the northwest. The weather man said it was going to be nice. It did settle down around 1 and we had a rare sighting of the sun. I got out on the lake to say good bye to everyone and start prepping for all four houses to be turned over. After saying good by to Boar and fawkinnae I headed back to my shacks to get to work. I detailed Minnesota and decided since Berry and Bill Landed so many fish I would leave it here for Chuck and his wife. I then skadaddled over to florida to take a quick ride on jakes razor. What a riot. I stopped at Montana and had Nolyn grab his gloves and took him for a ride with me. Man do I want one of those. I bet I had a smile ear to ear as I raced around FUN! FUN! FUN! I then said my goodbyes as I still had a big work load but what a way to start the day. The guys in north Carolina were packing up and going home with 9 fish. That was nice to see. I then procceded to clean and move Montana before Larry arrived at noon. I then moved north Carolina before Mark rolled in with his family. I had untill 4 to get florida prepped and it would also be fished one more day where is at. Josh and Ray are right behind me and doing well in there grey wolf fish house. Wow what a nice fish house. After I prepped a area for Montana. I got Montana detailed ,moved, banked, augered I headed over to north Carolina to prep for moving. Chuck called and had arrived. I headed to shore to meet him and escort him out to the house. I checked him in and finished moving and prepping north Carolina. I also had to switch up the 100 lber propane. In between all this I made about 8 passes up and down Buddy Hillmens road throwing the snow to the south. I briefly met Boar to say good bye and then headed out 6 miles to check on Pat,Todd Ryan and Chris. I had them set up through buddy hillmens houses as I was full. I plowed all 4 miles out to the end of the road and plowed on the way back again throwing snow to the south. There was more then one spot where you could see someone tried to drive over the berm from the south with no success. After visiting pat and the boys I headed back to shore to meet Mark and escort them to north Carolina. Leroy, Sis and the kids for florida also arrived around four and met me on the lake. I came home just as it got dark ate dinner and fell a sleep. I have to apologize to Chuck in Minnesota and Mark in north Dakota as the generator ran out of gas around 8 pm. I was so busy I had forgotten to fill it up before I left the laks. The phone rang about 8 :30 and the generator for florida also ran out of gas. I never checked it as I added on the berg system and thought there was still plenty of gas in the tank. Once I got out there and fired florida back up I visited for a bit and Sis missed three bites. Zack finely got him or her a nice 20 inch walleye. After visiting with them it was kinda late and I never got to check in on Chuck or Mark and his family I again apologize as my serviced slipped a bit yesterday as I just got plain wore out. When I arrived home a stepped in the cabin to say good night To Peng, Yee, Seng and Jerry? They found a good spot and also did real well all by them selfs. Peng had no luck retrieving his ring and the triangle got it. I’m all rested now and will be moving Minnesota and florida if need be today