Another fun filled day. Checking in on Leroy, Sis and the kids they only had a couple in the bucket. Josh and Ray were pulling out and said the fishing was great until the wind switched out of the east around 6 pm. They had been on the spot for a third night? The third night hardly ever gets better for my house’s?
My next stop was old Minnesota with chuck and he was in there for the third night on that spot.. He commented how nice the table was set up. He had done real well and was about 100 yards from Josh and Ray that blamed the wind. I had told Chuck I had no problem moving house on such a nice day and he agreed I should move it. After prepping two spots with the red baron. I went home to get my fish house moving machine Blue Thunder Two. I then met Leroy back at florida to Point! him and Zack in the right direction on there quest to find a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Moving Minnesota went like a breeze and I only had to auger 3 holes for Chuck. Sweet! Three less holes of the hundreds I will have augered this year. Then the fun began as the girls in florida would be riding in florida as I glided it on to a new spot. Again every thing went like a well oiled machine and I’am so thankfull for that. Blue thunder 2 is living up to its name and has the soul of blue thunder 1 in her.” Plus a Few Parts”
Finishing up floridas move with 8 more holes punched I was done for the day. Coming off the lake at sunset time I moved both house in 3 hours. I think I may be getting a little older as I thought I could do it in 2. Oh well.
Kellie” The Hammer” her new nick name until she sees this anyway.! and I headed back out on to the lake a hour later to have fish. Fish toco’s with sis Leroy and the kids. They were delicious. Cloleslaw mixed with sour cream, a dash of lime and hotsauce all mixed together on a soft shell. Very good and will try and perfect it for the hammer and I.
Amanda and James were in Montana and only had three fish when I stopped in on them. They may have caught a couple two big I do not remember as again I was tired from a full belly and another day in all that fresh air. Chuck was doing real well in old Minnesota and may stay another day. Today is a big day as Montana gets prepped for a 4 to 5 mile move. I have to cross 4 cracks as you can not take the houses over the bridges. Florida and old Minnesota will stay put for the day and have not made a decision on what to do with north carolina