Hitting the lake yesterday morning I could feel it being another grand day on such a grand lake. After visiting with James and Amanda as they were packing they had a terrific time and will be coming back again. I think they were only taking home 3 fish. They caught a bout a dozen over night with a few big ones in the mix. Chuck just keeps catching fish. On average 1 a hour. He has been in old Minnesota for three nights. He did get checked by the dnr yesterday, they did not stop and talk to me must of new I was cleaning. Leroy, Sis, Hanna, Colten and Ashly they did not have the greatest fishing even after moving them. They did take home 9 fish and we ate 5 when we had fish toco’s. They also said they will be back and sis wants to have a girls getaway weekend.
I then spent part of the day fishing in Montana while I detailed it for Andy and his crew arriving Friday. Montana is getting ready for a 4 to 5 mile trip to a new location. They have requested a certain spot and I think I can get there with out any problems. Lets just hope I do not end up on some ones waypoint or spot that they are going to. Its only one house for now. For one weekend and we will see what pans out. I did miss two fish while detailing Montana and landed a nice 16 1/2 on a chubby Darter. Them lures are a blast to fish with as the fish just smack them . I would of never got that fish with out the vex though. I released him to fight another day. Minnesota stays where it is for at least one more night and maybe two ,depending on how Bob and Terry do. They are retired photographers and spent 25 years living in yellowstone taking pics of the wild life and following the wolfs for years. I’lll post his website when I get it from him as its well worth looking at. Orian and his crew roll in around 9am for florida.It will be interesting to see how they do the first 24 hours after Leroy and his family did not do that well. I will move them tomorrow if need be. I still have not decided what to do with North Carolina and need to decide today for sure as It will be moved, even though it was only fished one night.
This morning I have a chore. I need to pick up all the tools I have used this winter. I have been putting them on the floor of the garage after using them to see what I use through out the season. There are more on the floor of the garage then in the tool boxes. Blue thunder and the red Baron are in good shape at this time Knock on wood. They are about to get another work out though as I move Montana to its new location. I did feel a little miss in the red baron but I think it s fine. Still feeling out blue thunder but as of now she has a good 100 years in her as a lake truck. I need to add a steering wheel rap asap though. Getting ready to have a grand day on a grand lake