Blue thunder 100 years OOPs 10 years.
We were blessed with another beautiful day here on the shores of upper red lake. Buddy Hillmens hwy is in great shape. There is so much room out there it could never all be fished. Its just crazy how every season is so much different when it comes to mother nature. With a month of walleye fishing left I have no idea where the time has gone. Man a’m I having fun this year.
I met Orion, Mike, Mike and Rodger at hillmens right on time at 9 am. After getting there road passes and bait we were off to check them into florida. They were up to 3 and 2 lost at the hole the first time I checked in on them. I spent a little time in Minnesota detailing. But Chuck left it so nice all I had to do was auger three more holes the only problem with that the auger was it was at home. I also had a few things to add into Montana. Then it was off to shore to have lunch, switch trucks and move Montana while I waited for Bob and Terry to call. I decided to grab a bite at westwind and had there toco salad Very good and hit the spot. Just as I finished Bob called and they had arrived so back to hillmens with the red baron. I should of stopped at home and switched trucks as when I got out there I still did not have the auger to finish the three holes in Minnesota. OOPs we all make mistakes. I guess I should just figure out why auger number two will not stay running and have a auger in both trucks. Auger # 3 is in the cites getting some work on it. Once Bob and Terry were checked in I came home and got blue thunder for her journey to no mans land. Montana is now out over 6 miles. Now I will really be able to watch the gas gauge go down. I think the red baron gets 3 to 5 miles to the gallon. Heading back in I stopped to talk to Buddy Hillmen. He mentioned I need to make my road straight north and not north west like I had on my first road to the north. Now I have two roads to maintain running northwest OOPS again. I thought a northwest road was perfect when we get a wicked northwest wind. Buddy knows what he likes and I have no problem cutting in a new north road as its fun cutting through the snow in the red baron.
Bob and Terry are not doing very well and had only landed 3 fish as of 8pm last night It never gets better the third night. Orion and the guys have did much better and that’s in florida where Leroy and his family struggled? They were eating some fish when I stopped in. I think they had caught about 20 fish total in the 12 hours they had been here. I will move both today if they want but again I have decided to stay in the fishy area as its still producing fish. There’ s a chance I may have to auger 30 holes today. Where is a young buck when you need one. I need to teach my grand daughter Ashly how to auger as she is a worker and I could have her come up and help me and finish the school year up here. I wonder what the honey bunny thinks of that. I will be busy on the lake again all day and already itching to get out there