Busy busy busy,
With a turn over today. Friday have became very busy. Orion and the guys had slow fishing yesterday and last night. 3rd night that house has been fished? It never gets better the 3rd night. I moved old Minnesota for Terry and Bob. They caught one right away in the new spot. While visiting them last night I landed a keeper just jigging with no vex. Gary and Kay fished north Carolina and I will have to call them later to see how they did. I cut a new road north for Montana and will head out very shortly to pop the holes. I did notice before Ii cut trail the red baron had a major crack and needed to be welded asap. I cut the trail nice and slow and limped her over to Gary s where David helped me weld it up. We had to remove the vplow and spent about 3 hours working on it. I met Alex around 10 pm and escorted him out by Montana as he is andy’s brother, Man had the winds picked up out of the south west, it was windy yesterday but last night it was just wicked out there . Hillmans road was in great shape with a little drifting but the off shoot roads were filling in quickly. There will be a lot of plowing today.