Mother nature rules. The wind blew so hard Thursday evening it kept the roads from drifting in which was a nice bonus, less where and tear on the trucks. TYhere was some drifting but with out fresh snow it was not to bad.
Heading out to the end of buddy hillmens hwy. yesterday morning to auger out monatana and see how Alex and his buddy did it took a 1/8 of a tank of gas . So every trip out there and back eats up 4 gallons of gas in the bed baron. That 454 loves its fuel and you can watch the fuel gage plummet on those long journeys. Alex and his buddy did real well over night .Andy showed up around 10am with another friend towing a ice castle. After getting them set up I needed to go prep the houses for every ones arrival and say good by to Bob and Terry. Plowing around the houses from the drifting Thursday night, Detailing 3 houses, left no time for moving them so they all had to be fished where they were. Minnesota had only been fished one night so I felt comfortable they would catch some fish, North Carolina had one over night stay where it was and Gary and Kay fished it Thursday eve for 3 hours. Florida was on it 4th night on its same spot and it showed. They were not doing well at all and I will be moving them first thing this morning. Old Minnesota had caught 8 so far and they asked if I would move them today to fresh ice that house had not even been fished 24 hours before they arrived. Don arrived around 3 for north Carolina and they landed three with in the first 10 minutes of wetting there line and then nothing so I also will be moving them. Moving three houses is not such a big deal its prepping the new spots that’s take time and the further we move the longer it takes. Letting fishermen rent the houses on Thursdays really throws a monkey wrench in things for the customers that arrive on Friday for the weekends . I may have to change my policy and quit renting on thusdays as the customers get screwed when they arrive on Friday and I do not have the houses on fresh ice. It hard to say no when its such a short season and we need to make hay when the sun is shining.. maybe when I get out there this morning the fishing picked up? I did set jeff/boar up in a new location just around evening .It started out slow but when kellie and I were visiting them a wave came threw and 7 or 8 fish were missed with me landing a 16 incher on a rattle wheel. I did talk to Boar around 11 and they were doing much better. Andy in Montana with his dad and brother were way happy and have caught 25 fish or so .They are good fishermen. Andy’s buddy I think his name was Jim landed a 27 inch walleye on a tip up with a sucker. It was hooked pretty bad and they had no choice but to keep it as It was going to bleed to death. I also got a text from andy and one of there wheel houses landed a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Andys dad also lost one in Montana at the hole and he even had his hand on it. I saw the perfect spot to move Montana tomorrow when they leave and am excited to see how the fishing pans out in that spot. The other three houses need to go out to the end of the road, taking them out there today would take a lot of time so still not sure if I will leave the fishy area we have been in or just put the houses on fresh ice in the same area for the rest of the weekend. Then the whole fleet can go out there starting Monday morning. I will have to make a decision once I check in with every one this morning. I also have a area that has been real good all winter but can not convince any one to fish there.