Checking in with all the houses yesterday morning and it seemed they all got together because they all wanted to be moved on to fresh ice. After Talking to Andy in Montana the fish house not the state I decided the whole fleet needed to head to deeper waters. Boars spot did not pan out and he said he got some sleep with the rattle wheels silent. He also decided to move out deeper.
Florida was the first house to be moved. moving out to the end of the road would make each move take around two hours. I explained that to all and everyone was on the same page. I decided with out the red baron out there the fastest way to set up would be setting the houses on the roads I made. That worked out real well and saved quite a bit of time. Boar was nice enough to come help me with the first 2 moves and I gave him a grade of c+. I do not think he liked that and was striving to get his grade up. I have my own system for every thing I do out there. I’ve learned from the best my mentor cusin Pete to take my time, do not rush things. I was right and it took about two hours to get florida reset. When I arrived with the second house North Carolina florida already had caught 4 fish. Donny thought it was odd I was setting up on the road but I explained that I made the road and it was not a big deal. After getting them set up it was off to get old Minnesota she is my heaviest house and takes a little more finess to move. I picked the perfect spot for Minnesota . I also spotted another spot the I plan on putting Minnesota on this week as I gaurenteed Kellie the “hammer” will catch a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Making the rounds last night felt great. All three houses had fish tales to tell. Moving all the houses in one day put a damper on my visiting and I may not have every ones names down this weekend. After having dinner with Boar and his kids at the boars nest I made the last rounds of the night and Kellie and I headed to Hillmens Tall Tail Taveren to listen to the Crappy floppers. they are a bunch of guys that get together up here once or twice a year and jam. We had a ball and even with Kellie’s bad knee we were able to dance to a couple of songs. Very entertaining and a good time was being had by all. It was nice to see the bar full. Got to spend some time with Tyler and Audry from bear paw as they were there and Tyler even danced a song with Kellie. With only one house rented this week the plan is to detail all the houses this morning and have dinner with the sweetheart in old Minnesota tonight as Kellie is on a quest to land a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Did I mention Andy’s dad landed one and missed one at the hole while there buddies in the red ice castle landed two. How sweet is that. The bad news or good news if your a fishermen is old Minnesota and Florida are open this coming up weekend as I had two cancelations, They must of heard the limit is down to two?