Wow taking a look at the calendar the last 4 weeks of the season are looking kinda bleak. I have at least 1 sleeper open every weekend. I have made one reservation since the announcement to a two fish limit? I also had one rented on short notice.
Saying good by to everyone yesterday was a treat lots of smiles and some great fishing as the big move was well worth it. Montana came through with 2 crappies from the house and two more from the green ice castle plus another 11 elusive yet catchable upper red lake crappies next to Montana. The walleye action was real good also. Just like I stated earlier if your catching small walleye theres a chance there ‘s a elusive upper red lake crappie near by. Fun to see them that’s for sure. I had a visitier yesterday while I was cleaning Montana as Danny from outdoor authority stopped by to say hello and see if I may be interested in a fish house on skids for sale. He has been busy and it was the first time I have saw him since the ice formed in November. Boar got a little concerned after his move Saturday as they had only caught a couple small ones. Things changed and they ended up having some fantastic fishing. Nice to see and again thanks for the help it sure makes moving house easier. yesterday was a half day off. After prepping/cleaning Florida and Montana Kellie the hammer met me at old minnnesota for a movie or two some fishing and dinner. Chicken stir fry was on the menu. I had to meet Jeff,Linda and Justin at hillmens around 3 to check them into florida. When I stopped in around 8 they had done real well with a few, yes a few cleanable perch. There son fishing in another house to the south landed two more elusive upper red lake crappies.. darn I drove right over them. Moving all the houses Saturday I bet I drove over 4 million fish too get there. Why does everyone always want to go to the end of the road? It must be the adventure. Kellie lived up to her nick name “THE HAMMER” in Minnesota and put the hammer on the walleyes. She caught a dozen fish to my 3 .On my defense I had a little nap as she said I was not fishing even though I had 2 lines in. Both had no minnow when I awoke so in a sense she is right. I can not help it as I love crawling up on the top bunk in old minnesorta and taking a cozy little nap. My mechantic rolled in around 4 and I got him set up in his house. North Carlolina. Him and Cory started catching fish right away and Phil was pumped to catch fish for the first time out of his house after it had sat brand new for 4 years. I have a long list of repairs for Phil to keep him busy during the day while he is here. Marty is also coming up today to help me out again. Even though the houses did so well they will be moved on to fresh ice for the weekend. I have nothing rented untill Friday and then only two of the 4 houses are rented. Minnesota will be put on the crappie honey hole I found and Kellie the Hammer will have her shot to land a elusive upper red lake crappie. Its been 3 or 4 years since she has landed one and is pumped to fish the new spot. the plan is to move it today. Being so far out is going to burn some gas so my plans are to only make one trip a day out there and work and eat lunch on the lake every day. The key is not forgetting anything, fat chance of that and I will have to improvise if I forget any thing for the day. I’m also going to shut down the heat On Montana for the first time since it has hit the lake. Marty will fish and stay in Florida while he helps me out during the day. Time to hit the lake as I prep Minnesota and wet a line this morning. I plan on fishing a chubby darter first thing as I just love the action and they hammer it when they come in. The rattle wheel will have a slick jig tipped with a minnow