It just keeps getting better. This has been one of my funest season since the crappie days. Having my trucks running so well is kinda scary” Knock on wood”. I have heard a noise off and on from the red baron and it may be something in the transfer case. If I can not figure it out it will have to be driven tell it breaks . Kellie and I went and had dinner at Westwind last night the premier resort here in waskish. 8 pm and we were the only people in the bar. There was a big group having dinner in the dining area as they were headed to low and stopped for a day of fishing here on upper red lake. I have not driven the dodge prospector at all this winter .I replaced the fuel pump this fall and still could not get it running Phil shows up primes it a few times and has it running like a top. What’s with that? dam mechanics. Marty rolled in around 4 and I got him set up in florida, He brought me up so new taillights for blue thunder. How sweet is that even the taillights take a beating out there.
Last night was the first day I wore regular shoes since I hit the ice ,man was that a funny feeling. I moved old Minnesota on to its new spot and she is already to go .Kellie and I will be fishing it hard the next few days as I promised kellie she would get her elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Today I will hop scotch past Minnesota with Montana. They fished it hard and Dan the crapet man will be using it this weeknd. Minnesota, Florida and the cabin are all open for the weekend at this time. I may have to offer a deal so I can afford to atleast keep the heat on. Mother nature has been kind to us this year and I’am very thankful for that. With such nice weather Phil the mechanic is going to get spoiled as he has done some amazing work for me up here in the elements over the years. yesterday after going back on to the lake to help some guys out with a skid house.Ii decided I would go fish old Minnesota for a bit while Kellie was in blackduck. After the long drive I jump out of the truck and my fishing gear is in the other truck .Oh well I thought I will use the rattle wheels, wrong again one had no tippit line.One all the line got damaged and tangled and needs to be replaced. That left me with one rattle wheel. I got it set up, put in a movie and layed down on the bed and fell a sleep, never heard the rattle wheel go off or my phone when Marty arrived. Guess I’m getting a little burned out and need some more rest. With nothing rented all week it is a good time to get my second wind thank you very much