Had a hoot yesterday moving Montana and made a short video. It turned out kinda funny. You can see it on facebook under John Halvarson.
Marty started gutting my old Utah house and she is shot. If I want to rebuild we will have to start from the frame up as the wood is rotten. Oh well still worth rebuilding as the house is built on hydraulics and is a breeze to move and can go down the highway. It would be a good summer project. Marty has been catching a couple fish in florida but no groupers yet? he also almost has my tail lights done on blue thunder and should buttem that up today. We will be moving florida to a new spot this morning so its on fresh ice even though its not rented until Feb 6th yes Feb 6th is the next time its rented.
Phil my mechanic slammed out the work yesterday and we will be tearing into the right front wheel of the red baron today as I have a u joint ready to break. Kinda nice to fix it before it breaks. Nice having a mechanic here for a change. When I was younger I did all my own work but my body just can not do it any more. Just taking off 8 lugs nuts can be daunting at times. Phil and Cory have been catching fish and north Carolina got better the fourth day it had been fished. Kellie and I arrived to old Minnesota on its new spot about 3; 30pm. I then proceeded to put the smack down on the walleyes while Kellie the hammer missed more fish then she landed . It was funny as she kept losing them half way up. I told her every one was a slab crappie. She then got her line tangled with the phone charger line and the vexlar with a fish on. To funny. I was using a gentz worm, glow blue on the rattle wheel and must of had a bite every 5 minutes the whole time we were there. On my rod and reel I had a rattle flyer in pink . Just jigging was a riot no vexlar just sitting there jigging and they would smack it tipped with a minnow through the head. By 6;30pm we had burned through the minnows and called it a night as we were headed down to JRS for a fish fry. I have heard nothing but good reports about the fish fry and fries there’s. Every thing I have heard was true a outstanding deal and the fries were as good as mcdonalds. The fish had a lite batter and did not over whelm the fish. Very very good. I will deffintly have my fish there again if I have the time. It would of been nice to just drive across the lake to get there but we drove off the lake and took the hwy. Marty, Cory and Phil also liked the fish. Kellie the hammer had chicken strips. Minnesota is not rented until the 6th also, I refuse to turn the heat off and Kellie and I will be fishing it in the same spot until the 4th or 5th of feb If I do not rent it before then. The spot I placed it is very fishy and I still expect Kellie to land at least one elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. I can not wait to get a pic of her holding up one of those world class fish again. Dan the crapet Man comes Friday for Montana and I will gaurentee they will catch at least 50 fish and have a grand time on a grand lake . Phil and Cory will be fishing North Carolina until Saturday. Today at 3 we are going on a adventure as we target a trophy pike. I’m excited and will be heading out at first lite to dig out the tip ups. The next 4 weeks look very bleak for rentals and the two fish limit has deffintly effected me. Oh well we will survive to fight another day. Glad I have 5 part time jobs in the summer. My plans are to look for the mother load of crappies since no one is coming to only keep two walleyes. If they want more then two they can always head down to the reservation and pick up a case of frozen upper red lake walleye and while there I would suggest buying a smoked white fish or two as they are outstanding