Pike fishing was another grand time on a grand lake. We were fishing dead suckers as there are no live suckers for sale in waskish that I know of at this time. I expect Hillmens will have some before the weekend. We fished pike from 330 to 530pm with 3 flags. Cory had the first flag ,the fish made a huge run . Cory is only 13 and was very nervous about setting the hook . . He had him on for just a couple seconds but very exciting. He was bummed but we explained that’s how it goes. Marty had the second flag ,nothing there the fish dropped the bait . Phil had the third flag, He just reset the flag and we waited for it to be triggered but that fish also dropped the bait. When we pulled our lines Phil
s sucker had major damage. Oh well we will get them next time. We had a hoot enjoying the resource and that’s all that really matters. I talked to Ole he is a trophy hunter fish and big game. His words of wisdom. You got to put your time in and you are not going to catch a trophy sitting on the couch.
I had Norn fish old Minnesota from 3 tell 6pm he landed 8 walleye, got his two keepers and got two bonus perch. he said he wanted to catch a ellusive but still catchable upper red lake crappie . I told him if he did Kellie the hammer would not be a happy camper. Marty landed one yesterday morning and sent me a pic . What’s this he asked? Very funny Marty. I was so glad for him as I do not think he has ever gotten a upper red lake crappie. Phil tore apart the red baron and I will be off chasing parts today as we need a new used right front axle. The grey Goose had the part we needed but I junked it out this fall to gather money to buy blue thunder two. I also will be picking up some steal for north Carolina as at this time I can not jack it up with my railroad jack.