yesterday morning mother nature decided enough is enough and gave us some bone chilling weather with a strong dash of wind for good measure. Kellie and I made a long awaited trip to Bemidji for needed supply’s and parts for the red baron and blue thunder. Phil spent the time prepping north Carolina for some repairs. He also worked on blue thunder and added a few extra lights. Thanks Phil your the man. Marty added much needed tail lights to blue thunder while Tom was on a mission to remove a front axle from the old grey goose some where near Bemidji. Taking parts off a truck in that frigid weather in a open field is no longer my cup of tea. I now have bought 2 parts off the grey goose since I sold it and Doug has made his money back that he got it from me. Ouch oh well it all works out in the end I would not have blue thunder if I did not scrap it out.
I arrived back to waskish just in time to meet Greg with his wheel house, And Scott with his. I then escorted them out to a spot where they got set up for the evening as they are passing through on there way to low. Greg told me he would give me 5 bucks if I told one of the guys to get back in the fff truck. It was way funny and I guess you had to be there.
I them met the honey bunny “The Hammer” in old Minnesota for just a bit of fishing before she had to go to work. We caught nothing while she was there but we enjoyed another upper red lake spectacular sunset. After she left I landed three nice keepers in a row 1 on the rattle wheel with a blue genze worm and the other two jigging a rainbow colored rattling flyer using the vex. The generator was sitting right in front of the fish house on the ice running? After that it was off to put a propane on florida and check in with Marty,Cory and Phil. While visiting Marty the rattle wheel took off like a pike just hit it. I set the hook and it was not fighting like any thing I have ever caught on red lake. When it comes through the hole it was a Rock bass that also looks like it has crappie and sheephead mixed in it .Its the dammest thing and I have to assume its a rock bass? All though I do not ever remember catching a rock bass on red lake in 49 years of wetting a line. Marty says its a sheeepie LOL I then swung back over to Greg who still owes me 5 bucks? They had a couple in the bucket. I walked over to Chris’s house who had slid in when I was not looking. I go in the house and there’s 9 guys standing around drinking beer with one or maybe 2 lines down. We visited for a bit and had some good yucks before I again went to collect my 5 dollars? Headed out in a bit to catch the sunrise as Ii prep all the house for the weekend.