December 20, 2008

Yesterday was our first day with a full house.
Everyone was catching a couple of keepers and missing a few fish. Frank, Danny and Swaggs all missed a fish while I was augering two extra holes in California. The beer was going down and getting spilled to boot.
Barb and Pat are in Minnesota and in total relaxation mode. I spent a 1/2 hour or so visiting and they are very nice people.
Frank and his crew have three houses and Swaggs was up to 22 beers when I stopped in. That’s about 21 too many beers for me. Little Buddy aka Danny wants me to post a pic of him with his fish. I guess he thinks he will become famous? He has to catch one first
Adam, John and Ed rolled in around 10 last night so I will not know how they did until later today.
I will be moving California later today as Frank and his crew all want to be closer today and tonight for there card game.