It seems every day becomes hectic and I sure do enjoy it. The first thing I had to do yesterday was track down the part Tom got for the red Baron. Then I needed gas it seems now that I’m over 6 miles out on the lake I always need gas. I had to hook up with Marty as he was going to make another trip to Bemidji for more parts. I then went to see how Chris, Scott and Greg did in there wheel houses. They caught a few fish but did not pound on them When I peeked into Chris’s house 5 guys and not one line down? I then set down and had a very exciting cribbage match with John. It came down to him losing in the stink hole and he had missed 1 point earlier in the match. It was a great game. I said my goodbys and headed out. After that I needed to auger out Montana and Florida 14 holes. Its nice having a new auger as auger #2 was just plane wore out. I still have not looked at auger #3 since it puked out on me. After finishing prepping the houses it was off to shore to meet Dan, Mel, Rob and Amy. After getting them checked in It was off to shore to say good by to the sweety as she had to make a trip down to the cities. It will be nice for her to see all the kids and grandkids and not be in a rush to get back home. I then had to escort Gary and Kay out to Old Minnesota and set them up for the evening. No sooner then I get them checked in Randy and Tammy call from Hillmens . So its back to shore to meet them and take Boar over to where we are going to fish for pike . Once I had then taken care of I went back to meet Boar. Just as I arrive he jumps out of his truck to tend to a flag up .A false flag! He resets and we start to talk. The wind is brisk as were closing in on dark so Boar says hey lets go sit in the truck. Apon arriving we are shocked to find the keys are locked in. A quick call to westwind with very little battery life left I tracked down a couple of tools to get into the truck. After getting in truck it was off to returns tools only to find out in my haste I left the wedge tool on the ice and snow. Now its pitch dark and the wedge is the size of a wallet and white to boot laying out there. I was able to find it with in minutes. I then headed out to check on everyone and say good night. It was nice to see everyone had been catching a few fish and having a grand time on a grand lake