3 trips to Bemidji in 4 days. Coming off the lake Saturday evening I felt a grinding in the front end of blue thunder. I limped her home where we discovered we had a break problem. My plans changed sunday morning after saying goodby to everyone and visiting a bit I was back to shore to make a parts run as Phil will be leaving in a day or two. Even though having more problems with trucks is a downer it all works out since Phill is here to work on them. Just like I love working on the
lake he enjoys working on the lake trucks and takes a lot of pride in what he does.
The fishing was really good in Montana for Dan,Mel,Amy and Rob. They caught well over 50 fish with that many misses. The co dropped in on them and everything was good. The one thing with these guys as they know how to catch fish and are very good at it. Tammy and Randy also had awesome fishing for two days. The co also stopped there Saturday. Randy had one fish just under 17. The board I have in the house is made a little short just for that occasion so that worked out good. He told him make sure you go by that board and you will be ok. He also commentted that he liked the house. I had to give there car a jump as the little vw diesel would not start at 20 below. They said they will be back and bring there kids next time.
.Adam, Ashly Willow and Justin were in old Minnesota for only one night. They also had great fishing and want to come back. Randy and Brian are in north Carolina ,Randy is from Oragen and had never caught a walleye or eaten one. They had fresh walleye for dinner last night and randy said its his new favorite fish Nice. Phil and Cory were fishing Florida last night and also doing well. Crazy fish sure are biting . I have all week to move the houses for the up and coming weekend. The plan at this time is to put them on fresh ice in the same general areas.
Boar locked his keys in his truck Friday night, he had a key problem this weekend as Saturday they ended up on the bottom of red lake. He had a magnet and was able to retrieve them. I’m planning and hoping to target some big pike again this week and want to try at the crack of dawn tomorrow. North Carolina are two man house and are cabin are open this coming up weekend. there was some traffic this weekend I do not think the lake was overwhelmed which is a good thing.