I was going to go fish old Minnesota this morning and detail Montana before I shut the heat down for the week. At minus 4 this morning and no rush to get out there I decided to stay in for a bit this morning and reflect on such a great season on such a grand lake. Plus the front tire on the prospector is flat. Blue thunders breaks are apart and the red Baron spent the night on red lake with Phil and Cory.
The last three season early ice has been crazy up here with fishermen. Mother nature has been very kind to us after last years fiasco. What a difference in a year. With 20 days left of the walleye season I will be a little sad to see it come to a end. I still plan on leaving the houses on the lake as I target perch and a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Kellie and I will be having quite a few dinners out there after the season ends as she has a mission to land a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappy. I have came up with a few improvements this year and some upgrades to keep me busy this spring and summer. I was hoping that the owner at the golf course I work at would make it down for a day of fishing, and maybe she will still call. I also made a new friend in Marty. What a great guy he sure likes to stay busy and has no time for tv or movies., Him and his wife Shelly will be coming up for a 4 night stay later this year. I have caught more walleyes this year so far then all of last year. Kellie the hammer caught more in one day then she has in two years counting the summers and that was Fun, Fun, Fun. Then to watch her struggle the next night was a good chuckle. Every one she missed I told her it was a crappie. I caught a Rock bass visiting Marty last week. It did not have red eyes though. We named him sheepie as he looks like a crappie, sheephead ,rock bass mix. To funny. It seems as a kid we would go over to the river with worms and catch all kinds of different fish. But never a walleye in the Tamarac river. None of my houses have landed a big Pike this year? That really surprises me and not sure why there not roaming around the fishy areas I have been at. I still have to sleepers open the last weekend of the season. This year most of my calls have came from people planning last minute trips. I do have my repeat customers still coming that plan a head. I have also decided not to rent houses for one day if its a Thursday as it is not fair to the ones that have planned ahead to have a house that has all ready been fished hard for 20 hours.. Working on the lake this year and visiting customers has been fun, fun, fun. Buddy Hillmens makes a road that is unbeleavable there is no one on the lake more dedicated to a road then him and I’m proud to be a part of it. Lets hope mother nature is kind to us the next 30 or 40 days as the season winds down. My plans right now is to keep having fun, fun, fun and enjoying such a grand lake as Dave told me a few years ago. Its a Grand Lake a Grand lake and “It Owes Me Nothing Nothing”!!!