Its in the other truck. The plan was to fish some tip up this morning with some stinky dead suckers I have in the shop. I can not smell but they sure look stinky. My plans have changed as # 1 auger is in the red baron with Phil and Cory. I guess that’s a sign I should go in the shop and get # 2 auger going again. Phil will bringing up auger # 3 later this year. Its amazing how many things end up in the wrong truck and takes planning every day as tools and equipment keep getting switched around. Oh well. Yesterday I needed the drill. It has been in either of the two trucks all winter but darn if it was at home in the laundry room/shop. I solved the flat tire problem on the dodge prospector and Marty will be bringing up 4 decent tires . That truck has had the same tires its whole life I think? It came from a farm in southeren Minnesota.
Blue thunder needs some welding done today so I will be waiting to here from david this morning as she is broken up pretty good. The red baron v-plow is also tore up and needs a total rebuild, I will have no choice but to use it as is the rest of the season and go from there. I have taken some great pics this winter and maybe some day I will figure out how to move them around the computer and post them. I can post them on face book under John Halvarson but can not get them on cookies on upper red lake face book page.
Last night I arrived to old Minnesota around 4 pm. The fishing started off real slow and I thought yes its time to move, around 5:15 the fish came through in waves. I had a heck of a time keeping a minnow on the rattle wheel with the genze worm while I worked a clown colored rattling flyer on Kellies pole as I broke my 150 dollar custom pole last week. Jake will be happy as I will now be using the custom rod he made me. The fish just kept biting the third fish I caught was a nice 16 incher that became dinner. I must of caught 15 or 20 fish in the next 2 hours. Not one was over 17 though. I wonder where the bigger fish went? The guy that had 4 lines down earlier this year would not of had a chance. I heard through the grape vine that 7 feet is still catching fish. I’m thinking that’ s where the bigger fish are hiding. Phil and Cory had excellent fishing last night also in north Carolina and that is the third or forth day in the same spot. I had Phil set some guys up in a wheel house Saturday with the red baron and they did real well when I had checked in on them Saturday eve. I think I was spose to drop off my card but never got back over there Sunday morning.
I had a killer dinner in old Minnesota last night. After dinner I put in a movie and crawled up on the top bunk of Minnesota and slept like a baby for over a hour until my phone rang. Mike from Minnesota resorts might call today They were fishing Milacs and not doing so well .He said he may need two houses today. I told him Montana and old Minnesota were catching fish and as long as I did not have to move them they were ready to go. I broke the tire chains on blue thunder or should I say wore them out and Kellie is bringing home a new set today. Phil hits the road today and it sure was nice having him and Cory here even though Cory ate my whole bag of chips ahoy cookies. It was a blessing having him here as he did a fantastic job on the trucks. I now have to baby them the rest of the season as much as I can any way. At 8 below this morning I’m going to work on the books to make the hammer happy.