Wow where did the last two days go? Yesterday I never drove out onto the lake. This morning I’m going to go fish for a big pike for 1 hour tops. I have never really enjoyed fishing by my self as I like the competition and comradery. Back when we were younger we use to fish coon lake for pike. If a flag went up it was first come first serve so it was like tackle football or rugby as we raced to the flag. Wonder why my body hurts.
I did manage to get all my book work done for jan so that was a good thing. Said good buy and thanks to Phil and Cory and they hope to make it up this summer . Yesterday the had a presentation at the park about draining the big bog to the north. Learned a little more history of the area . I was amazed that they made over 1600 miles of ditches in 2 or 3 years. With the heavy tax burden on the homsteader’s most could not pay the ditch taxes and moved on leaving the county almost bankrupt. All most !00 years later and you can still see the ditches from the air. Its a whole different world up there and very unique.
I then met David at Gary”s where we welded on blue thunders plow, glad we caught that as that would of led to some major damage if not addressed. Marty did not make it up and said he will be up later today. I plan on getting all the houses on fresh ice by Friday morning so all I have to do is pop 24 holes through 30 inches of ice. I will also move North Carolina but being its not rented I will not have to auger at this time. Its only rented two more times this season. Once we had the announcement of two fish my phones and emails have been silent. Seems crazy they will come for three but not two fish?
The easiest thing to doo would just move the house a little bit onto fresh ice as the two areas I’m fishing have been very fishy, But no not me I have two other areas that need to be explored so I will be heading out with the red baron to prep the areas before I move the houses. This is the time I need my helpers as I have to cut a trail with the red baron before I come out with blue thunder then remember to have the right gear in the right truck. I also have to be in Bemidji part of the day tomorrow so that will set me back a bit. The key today was taught to me from cusin Pete my mentor. Do not be in a rush, take your time. Its hard to do some times but I have most of the day. Another fun weekend is coming up and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest. Who knows maybe a ellussive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie is in the works. Only time will tell and as Ole says you have to put your time in for a trophy fish.