My very stinky bait did not work yesterday morning .Oh well we will try again in the next few days. I stopped in the cennix where my wife kellie works after the morning fish and they now have suckers I could of been fishing live bait. I will swing in there this morning and pick up a couple for the weekend. It would be nice to fish tip ups before this snow storm hits if its still going to hit us I have not looked at the weather this morning yet.
I cut two new trails yesterday after pike fishing with the red baron, she sure does not cut like she use to and the v-plow will have to be addressed this summer with no excuses. I was in the auto body trade for 14 years but was a painter most of that time. I do know how to weld but when it come to fabrication I am lacking. After a quick lunch headed back out with blue thunder to move 3 of our for houses. Old Minnesota was the first to be moved, followed by florida and Montana. I finished moving all three houses blocked and banked with the holes augered in old Minnesota for Kellie and I. It took me just over 5 hours . I rented florida to some locals today from Kellier but I do not think they are sleeping out there tonight. Marty rolled in around 10 pm and spent the night in old Minnesota. Kellie and I wet a line in old Minnesota and kellie the hammer lost a big crappie at the hole. Man was she mad/upset its been along time since she has landed one. The walleye fishing was not spectacular like it was where Minnesota was but we did land a couple 6 or so, maybe more like ten” a few”. I’m heading out this morning to prep florida for Collet and her relatives. I also need to detail old Minnesota and be back to shore no later then 930 as I have a appointment in town today. I then need to be back before 4 to meet Mark who is coming up in a wheel house. I have a spot all plowed out for them and expect good fishing in that spot.
I had a cancelation for old Minnesota next weekend the 13th 14th and still have Minnesota and Montana open the last weekend of the walleye season? Going to a two fish limit has slowed down the pressure on the lake which is a good thing since were over are allotted quota. Sucks for business but good for the lake.