Got home Thursday evening just in time to meet mark and Ed at hillmens with there wheel house and escort them out to a place I had plowed out for florida. My plan had changed after I plowed it out and I did not move a house there. I then checked on Collett ,Kathy, Terry and Kurt as they had been fishing florida for the day. When I arrived to florida they were just releasing a 30 plus inch pike. Lots of excitement and some great pictures were taken. I feel this is a great sign that there may be a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie in the area. Yesterday morning Ed landed one plus they had some decent walleye fishing. Collet and her crew ended up taking 5 walleye home so not bad but not that good. That pike may of effected there fishing. Wayne rolled in around 730 and was excited to get out theer and relax in old Minnesota. Marty and I joined him for a drink and a little bull shi. Fun was had by all with a few fish caught in the process. Friday morning brought more work as Marty had to pack up out of Montana. Kevin and Rolly rolled in around 2 and I got them set up just in time to come back to shore and meet John from Clam and his girl Jennifer after that we kellie and I plus Marty were to meet at old Minnesota for a porketta roast Wayne had in the oven. Kellie settled down into her favorite fishing spot in old Minnesota and proceeded to put the hammer down on the fish . With her vexlar charged and ready for action she put on a fishing clinic as we scrambled to grab her minnow after minnow, while are two rattle wheels never went off and my rod and reel never moved she landed fish after fish with two, yes two elusive upper red lake crappies . I said it was the guide and she said it was the fisherwoman. What ever it was it was magical and wayne was so happy to see her land those fish. We got some great pics with her smiling to beat the band. Before we had arrived Wayne had a flurry where he figured he caught 15 walleyes in a row and could not keep two lines down at the same time. kellie headed home around 10 while I checked on the customers, kevin and Rolly had some good action and were happy with the fishing, John and Jennifer were also happy and it will make my day much easier and less expensive as I think they should be happy with out having to move houses today. Tonight we will be having crappie and walleye for dinner and may play a little texas hold um. After sunday I have no one coming until Friday so I must shut the heat off this week to save on propane. I do not care to do it but it does not make sense to heat 3 or 4 house for 5 days with no one in them


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