Just a tad more fun. Yesterday was a glorious day here on upper red lake. Checking in with John and Jennifer in Montana and everything was good as they had action on and off all night. Rolly and Kevin also had action and they were also good. I then spent some time in old Minnesota visiting Marty and Wayne and playing a few more games of texas hold em. We came back to shore around 1 so the guys could take showers and we could go clean our fish for dinner. 3 walleyes 6 perch and two crappies were just enough for another great fish fry at jrs. I knew Wayne would like the way they pre pair the fish as he likes a very light batter.
I on the other hand I like a heavier batter with a bite and like westwinds but trying to be a good host was my mission. We arrived back to old minnsota for some more fishing and cards where Kellie the hammer went to work landing and missing fish for the next 3 hours. Wayne fished that same hole hard with limited success while we were not there and could not be leave Kellie was on fire again. She did lose quite a few fish that may of been the elusive upper red lake crappies. She headed home at 10 while I stayed out with the guys where I landed a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Cliff ask me to plow a spot for his son coming up so will take care of that on my way out to say goodbye to our guests. It’s my turn to make dinner and we will be having beef and venison roast cooking in the oven in Minnesota all day. As Wayne would say YUMMY. I will detail the houses and shut them down for the week. Minnesota is open next weekend and Minnesota and Montana are open the last weekend of game fish. I’ll maintain the houses after the season ends for a week or two as I vacation on the ice, watching a few movies, playing some cribbage with Kellie and having her give me a couple tips on catching fish