I dropped the ball yesterday morning. Time I got out to the houses Kevin and Rolly had rolled out. I did get a message from them and they said they had a great time and landed two elusive but still catchable 15 inch upper red lake crappies. I stopped at Florida to see Jennifer and John but it looked like they were still a sleep. Checking on them a bit later and they were gone. I ‘m waiting to here back from them to see how they did the second night. When I stopped in Saturday morning they were both sitting and fishing in the same spots set up the same way with John in his pajama bottoms and slippers the night before. It was like they never went to bed. John left me a couple new rod and reels Thanks again John. Old Minnesota got fished hard since Thursday. With the hammer working her magic and releasing that many fish I be leave the spot is burned out. Cusin petes theory is the fish leave a scent when there caught and released and effect the fishing. Minnesota will be moved today as it is spose to be another glorious day. It would be nice to get Montana and Florida also moved and set up as there is a chance of 3 to 6 inches of snow coming are way tomorrow. I have at least 1 mile of road I made to get to my houses and that will have to be plowed after the storm and wind. Sounds like Tony and his daughter will be up tomorrow and staying in Florida for 2 nights. We had a killer roast and venison dinner last night in old Minnesota. As Wayne would also say wacking. Its nice making a killer dinner on the ice as the food always taste better when your camping. Marty and Wayne will be heading home today. Marty and his wife Shelly will be back Friday as well as the hammers sister shell chick and her crew. Depending on if kellie and I fish this week Minnesota may have to get moved twice this week. Tony will help me move florida before they leave on Thursday so I have the house on fresh ice for Tom on friday. Minnesota is still open for the weekend at this time. Cliff has done real well all season in the spot he is fishing and yesterday I plowed out to him as his son was coming up with a wheel house. I also have to stop in and say good bye to Rodger, They were happy with where there fishing and this will be there last trip for the season so I expect Buddy Hillmen will be pulling there skid house to shore before the snow if possible. Wow only 14 nights left for the 2015 game fish season not sure where the time has gone but I can say we have had a grand time on a grand lake so far this season and as Dave told me it owes us NOTHING!!!