With Marty’s help we moved old Minnesota on a new spot Monday as Wayne decided to stay another day. That ment another day of visitting with my dear friend and spending time fishing, laughing ,playing cards, and eating. I decided a home made pizza would work for dinner. Marty and I moved Florida and Montana as well on to fresh spots. We buttoned up all the work by 430 and met at old Minnesota for another fun night . Kellie my honey bun” the hammer” showed up as well . It started off very slow and I commented I may of made a mistake in our new location as I pre paired the home made pizza. Then just like that it was fish on , we had a triple on the rattle wheels . Marty was on fire and landed a 20 incher hand over hand on 6 # line that wayne had tied onto the rattle wheel line. Not sure why he had so much line on there as when you brought it up you lost site of all the line. It did not hinder Marty though at one point he had a 18 incher in his hand and reached over to grab my fishing rod as it was tipping towards the hole. Kellie was also on fire landing a couple fish in a row .I have no idea how many fish we caught , We kept one for Marty to take home and have with his wife for dinner. Tony and his 5 year old daughter Katreana called around 10 pm to say they were on the lake and I was off to meet them and escort them to florida. About 11 pm Tony walked over to Minnesota to show us the two fish Katreana landed a fat 14 and a 13 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie . Tony also said they had landed 8 walleye in the first hour of fishing. Kellie headed home about the time Tony showed up and I ended up spending the night on the lake. I talked to two gentlemen pulling on the lake Monday morning and they were up to 9 crappies, I read they ended up with 20? Yesterday the snow started around noon as we pulled off the lake. I had no plans to venture out . Tony called around three to tell me they retrieved the fishing rod they lost earlier in the day and it had a 38 inch pike on the end of it. He sent me a pic and its almost as tall as Katreana. My observation from the past seems to be true as that’s 2 big pike that have been landed ,with to many small walleyes to count, plus a couple line breakers and hook benders. I also talked to Rodger to say good by and there spot produced 18 walleye the first day and puttered out after that with very slow fishing for them the rest of the weekend. Cliff’s spot also burned out and he said it was just dead after Friday. Counting the two fish wayne took home and one Marty kept we harvested 6 walleyes 4 perch and 3 crappies while catching to many fish to count. Fun, Fun Fun.