2 inches of snow turned into 2 feet atleast in some spots. Hit the lake at 9am with blue thunders plow breaking the trail to reopen Buddy Hillmen’s road. Less then a mile into it and I thought how nice it was to be part of Hillmen’s operation. I was also surprised how much snow was on the road. As I cut in the first pass Buddy and Kelly his mechanic and helper v-plowed the first section 1 1/2 miles. Once I got to the end of the road I turned around and again cleared snow from the north side of the road. The timing could not of been any better as I finished, Buddy showed up to start v-plowing while I cut the edge to the northwest road. I then got a hold of Tony to have him go get the red baron while I opened the road system I made to get to my houses. Plenty of snow had accumulated around the houses and I spent the next two hours cleaning up around the houses and my road as Tony helped with the v-plow on the main roads. By 1pm the main road was free and clear with just a few areas to clean up with blue thunder and her straight blade.
I then checked Dennis and Angie into Minnesota where Angie would be getting her first walleye through the ice. They are from Nebraska, I will be able to spend a little time with them today as yesterday was very busy day into the evening. I did not go out last night as driving on the roads with the snow blowing only collects more snow. Plus Tony is right next door in florida. I did talk to Angie on the phone and she got her first walleye last night a 14 1/2 incher. She also said they kept missing fish? I talked to Tony this morning and he said they would be needing more minnows and they missed a lot of fish over night? Could some of them be the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie’s? Tony and Katrina have landed three so far. In the last week I have missed numerous fish as well as Wayne, Marty, Kellie the” hammer” and I. I just talked to Dennis and they landed two 13 1/2 inch elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. They released the crappies to fight another day or edchacated them. Sweet!!! They also landed a few walleyes over night. 18 below this morning time to baby the trucks during this cold spell. Al though I would like to get North Carolina moved at some point today.