Only 10 nights left of the 2015 game fish season makes it bitter sweet for me. My plans at this time are to soak in every day and really enjoy the rest of the season. I have had a blast this year and love working on the lake the season is just to short and had flown by in a blurr.
Yesterday was another great day on such a grand lake. After checking in on Angie and Dennis I cut a new road to the houses with the red baron. She took a beating and at one point I could tell something was dragging. Upon further investigation the right side of the v plow had broken part of the scraper and the edge was digging into the ice. I will see what I can improvise this morning and go from there. Dennis commented when I was cutting the new road that every time he had a fish looking I would come by and chase it away OOPS. After discovering my broken plow I headed home to get blue thunder and move north Carolina and clean up all the road system with the straight blade. Once that was finished I stopped by too say hello to Dan from outdoor authority, He has also had a good season and such a nice guy. He said they had caught quite a few crappies a week ago but it had slowed down? I have a sneaky suspition where they went but getting there would be a problem until the walleye season ends then its game on for two weeks at least as I vacation on the lake with the hammer. Jake will be up to pop a hundred holes looking for the mother load and staying in his favorite house Montana. Angie and Dennis have had a grand time and were going to go have fresh fish at westwind the premier resort on the shores of upper red lake. . Tony and Katrina fished in his portable last night and it will be interesting to see how they did. Tony will help me this morning as I move Minnesota and Florida onto fresh ice for the weekend. Marty has Montana for the next 4 days and shell chick has north Carolina Friday Saturday and old Minnesota Sunday and Monday. I still have old Minnesota and the cabin open next weekend. One more plug if your looking for a gift for the honey bunny stop by Sandy’s shop on the edge of town. Its always nice to bring a gift home to the sweety pie even if its a loacaly grown bag of wild rice. have fun this weekend and by all means be safe out there