she never stops to amaze me. Last night the wind blew so hard I completely lost my new road as she was filled in this morning when I got out there. The fishing was extroidanary Tough word.
Duke landed 9 yes 9 elusive upper red lake crappies. Old Minnesota also landed 9 elusive upper red lake crappies. Florida got 3 that they let go to fight another day. Derrick and Drew ate 6 and released 3 crappies to fight another day. or educateded them. Marty and Shell chick, shell and Jeff, Kellie and I went to westwind for dinner. There special was a prime rib sandwich for 11 bucks and it was tasty. Best prime rib sandwich I ever had hands down.
Goose and his gang did real well for walleye but no crappies in there wheelhouses.. Mark and his buddy did ok and got 9 walleyes so far no crappies. Keith took good directions and landed a 16 inch elusive upper red lake crappie plus 3 more. Plus many many walleyes and two pike and a few perch. They landed on a very fishy area and I will keep a eye on that spot.
I spent the first 2 hours of the morning plowing out my drifted in road as the wind was just howling out there last night. I’m headed out now with blue thunder to do some clean up work. Have a grand day I know I will have a grand day on a grand lake that owes me nothing