As the walleye season whines down I will be moving all the houses at least one more time. Montana has Danny and his dad coming this week so I will be moving Montana twice. I’m going to try my hardest not to cut any more trails and will be running my houses up and down the road system I have created. The red baron and blue thunder have gotten another tough workout. Both trucks burned up a tank of gas yesterday cleaning up the mess mother nature left us. Which is fine and is to be expected. Its part of the job. The red barons cutting blade on the right side is gone? With out that blade I need to baby her the rest of the season as I will be damaging the mounting structure without that blade. She has been a great v plow and deserves some loving care. I will be doing the cookie shuffle with the houses as I reposition them on new ice, they may only be moved 30 feet as that’s all it takes if your on a fishy area. Bryce landed two elusive upper red lake crappies less then 40 feet where the hammer got her two and I got my one. Stopped to see Goose and Sandy last night and there house has been slow.50 feet away the other two wheel houses have had great fishing. Derrick an Drew had company as there buddies showed up with a wheel house and parked right where I was going to go? Then around 4 Jim another friend shows up with a fish in tow and driving a 2 ton dump truck. a 550 powerstroke wow what a truck. I’m not a ford fan but what a truck. Duke landed there 9 crappies 40 feet from where Minnesota was when Wayne was here. A very fishy area that’s for sure. I did notice that there is something different there but will keep that to my self. It will be interesting to see how Rob does as they set up on a different looking area and then his uncle showed up with a wheel house a couple hours later. The 16 inch crappie that Keith caught along with the other 3 are at least 1 mile if not two from where I’m at. Very interesting that’s for sure. They are set up in a isolated area that everyone out there just keeps on driving by. I have no interest in going there as its another two miles of plowing and not worth it. It will be a great area to search in march as we look for the mother load. Jake is coming march 5 6 7 with his family . His buddy Brady will also be coming up with a couple buddies. Lets hope mother nature is kind to us that weekend.
Shell chick and Jeff fished north Carolina last night and shell texted me a pic of the first elusive upper red lake caught out of that house. They move into Minnesota today for the next two nights and I will be taking a nap on the top bunk at some time in the next two days while the hammer visits her sissy. Marty and Shell headed to Montana after dinner last night, they have landed quite a few walleyes there and will be here two more nights. It was nice to see Tom’ Mike’ Leanord and meet Toms son Jack .They are fishing in Florida and have had outstanding fishing. Last year I had to cancel Toms trip as mother nature and a strangle hold on me. Life is so funny last year I was miserable trying to rescue the houses all season. This year has been a complete 180 and I’m so thankfull for friends and family. I think no I know grandma Olga would be very proud of us using the property to carry on her legacy and taking care of hunters and fishermen.