No Nap in old Minnesota yesterday as the day just got busy. Blue thunder let me down when I hit the key .She turned over coughed and sputtered and then nothing. Bad connection or the starter went out. Jeff and Marty got here going after I headed out on the lake. When Jeff turned her off by old Minnesota again it would not start .I was not dressed for working on it out side so blue thunder spent her first night on the lake and we will replace the starter on the lake today. Shell chick landed another elusive upper red lake crappie last night out of the hammers favorite hole . Duke was up to 15 crappies for the weekend and will be pulling out this morning. Marty and Shell moved over to Florida so they would be running on the same generator as old Minnesota. Had a lot of good reports from the wheel houses I talked to yesterday with many many walleyes caught. A lot of smaller fish under 14 inches. I’m looking for the smaller ones as that’s where the big pike and elusive upper red lake crappies like to hang out in my opinion. Brice made a small move yesterday while Goose stayed put where he was . I have to cut them a short trail this morning as the road I took them down is no longer plowed and not worth plowing. The wind did a 180 yesterday and with a little bit of snow at one time it was a white out for a while. Talked to Rob and his wife and they were happy with all the walleyes they caught but no elusive crappie as of yesterday afternoon. Minnesota did all right last night with quite a few 13 inch walleyes and the one crappie, that was the third night on that same spot. Once blue thunder is running I will do the cookie shuffle and move it just 15 yards or so as that s all it takes to get good fishing again. We will be fishing with Shell chick and Jeff again today and tonight and maybe just maybe I will get that nap on the top bunk in old Minnesota today.