Still no nap in old Minnesota? Spent part of the early afternoon putting a new starter in blue thunder. What should of taken 15 minutes turned into a bigger ordeal. Taking are time and not rushing we were able to improvise the problem and have blue thunder up and running again. How sweet it is. I then did some clean up work with blue thunder and enjoyed a glorious day out there. Marty followed me home with blue thunder to give a ride back out to old Minnesota where we had frozen pizzas purchased at Hillmens store. Geovontie bar pizza, Jeff said it was now his favorite bar pizza. The fishing was again outstanding last night as Marty and Shell had action all night on the rattle wheels. Marty landed three elusive upper red lake crappies and a 23 inch walleye over night. He released them all. They ate fish last night while we were having pizza. Dan and his dad roll in today around 2 and will be fishing Florida the next few days. Old Minnesota and Montana plus the cabin are all still open for the last weekend of walleye fishing? Its been a very strange year with a lot of my reservation coming just two or three days out. I’m excited to spend some time in old Minnesota the next few days and who knows maybe today I will get that nap. Only mother nature knows for sure