Good old mother nature made quite the mess out there yesterday. The wind was just howling out of the west north west. Buddy’s main road and north west road was holding up really nice with the snow just blowing across the road. On the other hand my road I made to my fish houses stated to catch snow. Then had a little traffic go down it which captured more snow then I drove through a couple times with the red baron trying to blow the snow off the road into the wind. I could not see half the time and would have to slow down which piled up more snow witch in turn captured even more snow . When I came off the lake last night my road was down to a one lane trail and I will have to cut a new one to the houses. Dan and Craig rolled in at 4 and I escorted them out there where Criag could not see and pulled his all wheel drive into a snow bank causing him to get stuck. He has some type of all wheel drive car. I pulled him out and got them checked into Montana. When I came back at dark they had missed one . I was surprised and ask what they were using. All they had were big golden shiners from superior. I’m going to pick them up some fatheads on my way out this morning. I just came back from the store and the red baron was acting up. Fills like some kind of miss with lack of power. That’s no good at all. Not sure what I’m going to do about it but have to address it before I put her to work. I said good bye to Jeff and shell chick yesterday morning .They had a grand time and it sure is/nice having family come up. Marty and Shell hung out all day as Marty helped me prep houses. I fished old Minnesota for about a hour last night before dark. Caught one walleye that would of been a keeper. I then missed two that got my minnow. I was set up with a rattling flyer and a dropper line with a green genze worm. Watching the vexlar a fish came charging up past my minnow and smashed the rattling flyer with no hooks. I set the hook from the excitement but with no treble hook on it I had no chance to catch him. I can not remember but some one had just ask me with that set up does a fish ever hit the flyer. The anwser is yes. At minus 20 this morning I will not be moving any houses until tomorrow when I plan to move three of the four. I really need the red baron running right. I did rent all 4 houses for the last weekend of walleye season.
Mother nature won the battle yesterday and kept me from taking a nap in old Minnesota. I do not think I will even attempt to take a nap today.
I also had a talk with Buddy about his road. He wants to keep it open but could use traffic and maybe a couple rentals to keep it maintained to his liking. I have all my houses rented on the 5,6,7th of march for a crappie hunt. I also have florida or old Minnesota rented next weekend the 27th 28th. Buddy said all his houses caught some crappies last weekend. For all you guys that missed the crappie boom here’s a chance to land a couple of these very elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies