Yesterday was not one of those better days for blue thunder or the red baron and a few other things. I gassed the red baron up early to get on the lake and evaluate the road to our houses. I new from experience that I had lost it as I traveled it with others while it was blowing. Oh well not the first time and for sure not the last time. Leaving the cennix gas station the red baron did not seem right ,It was running good and sounded good but when I punched it I mean gave it a little gas it felt like it had no power. On and off the gas on the way to the lake I knew to take her home and fire up blue thunder.
Buddy Hillmen’s road survived the blow in pretty good condition with a few spots collected with snow but 90 percent of it still glare ice. It never stops to amaze me haw the snow drifts from the tiniest object on the lake. I think you could create a 3 foot drift with a marble given enough wind and light snow. I arrive to the road running east to the houses and she was pretty much blown in, I crossed country to check on Dan and Craig to check on them in Montana and bring them some minnows as all they had for bait the first night was big shiners. They landed two over night and missed quite a few. Looking at here set ups I feel they can use a little help. Neither of them have rod and reels. Craig has two jigs sticks one is about 4 feet long and the second 3 feet long .I think they had 20 lb test on them. Dan had a tip up set over one hole. A rattle wheel on the other with a shiner and a hook and a very small sinker. I told them I would bring out some rod and reels when I came back in the evening to check on them. I then cleaned up the roads around the houses and headed back to the main road to clean up some of the areas that had snow covered. I pulled back in the drive way around 2 pm to find I had broken a plow hose. Kellie pulled in from work and I had her follow me over to drop off the red baron to have Tom see if he can find the problem with lack of power. I also had to get a propane filled to Thaw the frozen pipes under the house. I got everything set up to thaw the pipes and the torpedo heater quit working. Dirty Dog. I then removed the broken line and not with out a fight. Darn mother nature. I headed to blackduck to get a hose made. Brandon was coming up with Bobby to fish florida so I had them pick me up a new torpedo in Bemidji. We met at our house around 6 pm where I got the heat under the house and put the hose on blue thunder so I could escort the guys out to the house. I arrived back home around 8:30, beat but not broken. Today will be a much better day as I try and move 3 of the 4 houses and cut a small trail for now until the red baron is feeling better. I did talk to Brandon before I went to bed and they had landed two 14 inch crappies or was it the same one twice? He also said quite a few small walleyes as what I would expect