Wow it has been just crazy the last couple of days. Thursday I moved 3 of the 4 houses. Dan and Craig were in Montana one more night so she would have to be moved Friday morning. I also got Minnesota augered and prep so the hammer and I could have dinner out there and maybe just, maybe catch a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. While cooking dinner in the stove we relaxed and watched a movie. After a killer dinner steak and bake potato with veggies. I laid down on the bed where I passed out ?fell asleep. It still was not a nap considering it was well after 9 pm. kellie also fell asleep. next thing I know its 1 in the morning and we are low on gas as I had no intention of spending the night out there. I borrowed some gas from Tammy and Randy and they landed two elusive yes still catchable upper red lake crappies. One was pushing 16 inches and Randy released it. Very Nice. They kept the other one a 13 or 14 incher. Plus they had some good walleye action. Kellie and I did not fair as well and only landed a handful of walleye with two that would of been good keepers, the rest were small scuffits.
Should of went home Thursday night. Friday morning was hectic to say the least, First thing I jump in blue thunder hit the key and nothing. Darn the luck. Standing out there in my pajama bottoms and tennis shoes was not happening. I new it was a connection problem the only wrench I had was a huge cresant wrench but I was able to loosen and re tighten the 5 1/6th nut, and fire her up. I vacuumed Florida and was augering the holes when the number 1 auger just stop running, What the! After fiddling with that for 20 minutes I again had to inprovise and have Randy help me out with his auger. He had offered to help me earlier so he was eager to help which was awesome. We punched out 18 holes and moved Montana to its new location. What a great guy, you meet so many nice people on the lake and make many lifetime friends. Tammy and Randy rented florida 6 weeks ago and brought there own wheel house up with there two grand kids this weekend. After getting everyone checked in I got home at 3pm to find a broken water line under the house. Dang the luck? I got the water turned off which was a chore in its self and will be repairing that later today. The houses all caught some fish last night but it was slower then it has been all year. Only a couple elusive yet still catchable crappies have been caught in my houses so far. As far as I know everyone is happy and I will be hitting the lake shortly.