A very nice way to end the 2015 game fish season. Minus 29 right now blue thunder fired right up but is so cold can not steer? No squeals just tight turning. I ‘am letting her run for a while . Making the rounds last night was a pleasure, again on the tired side when I hit the lake after dinner must be the food putting me to sleep. First stop was old Minnesota with Scott and his crew. I visited for a bit .Old Minnesota let me down on its new spot ,They did manage to get 8 walleyes to take home but it was the slowest bite all season I think. Nest stop florida with Dave and John while visiting john was working a chubby darter with a minnow head. A fish hit it and he really set the hook. I nice 16 inch fish. Then it was dave turn to bang two in a row off the bottom of the ice. Nice to see some action. I stopped to check on Tammy and the kids as Randy’s truck was gone They had just released a 18 inch walleye when I got there. Randy had taken one of the boys out to the spot they rented florida from me 4 weeks ago. Wow diehard fishermen as its was a little breezy and very cold out there last night. John and Mitch were not at Montana and Larry’s and his crew had called it a night in north Carolina. I talk to Rob and they had had good action and were up to 20 walters caught. Then a quick stop to check on Keith and his crew. They had moved from a mile out and were having better action with a 18 incher landed while I was there. They did land a beautiful 33 inch pike a mile out Saturday morning. The upper red lake elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies were very elusive last night.