Still no nap in old Minnesota. Almost though. After saying good bye to all my fishermen and friends I checked the houses and headed over to Minnesota where I was going to put in a movie and wet a line , Relax and maybe just maybe fall a sleep on the top bunk. About the time I nodded off I got a call and Pete needed a jump after hanging up Nate called and they needed more then a jump. I headed over to Pete and jumped his diesel. After a few minutes of a good charge she fired right up. Pete had good fishing and landed two elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. Montana landed two for sure. Marlo landed three that he released to fight another day. Randy released a 16 incher but had a great pic of it. They did keep the smaller one I think. I heard through the grape vine that a rental house got 23 and another got 6. Buddy Hillmens has his houses set up in crappie country and Char Hillmen landed three Friday night. Buddy also said most if not all his houses caught some ,a couple or a few crappies.
His plans as of now are to keep a few houses out there and maybe get a few fishermen to extend the season. His road is in great shape and goes right into the heart of crappie country. It would be nice to figure out the perch. I be leave they have a tendacy to hang out in the transition from mud to gravel as they like to dart in and out of the mud. I have a good idea where to target them and as the weather gets nicer I will see if my hunch pays off. After helping Pete I had to head to shore and get the torpedo heater and propane as Nate’s truck needed more then a jump. We covered the wind blown side with blankets and I left my jumper cables so they could jump it with there Jeep after a bit. I went back to Minnesota where I tried to watch the rest of the movie I was watching. Nate brought my torpedo and propane back and last night I realized they kept my jumper cables. darn the luck. About that time Ole rolled into town and I got him set up in Montana since it caught at least two elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. I then set up Gary, Kay, Joanie and Mike in Florida to see if they could get a couple wallye’s for the end of the season. Kellie the” Hammer” came out and met me and Ole in Montana where we ate some chile that ole threw together and it was so good I had two bowls. We visited and caught a few walleyes. Ole was tickled pick to land two nice keepers to take back home. he is going to hang out for at least a couple days and see if he can get a few elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies to TAKE HOME. He has a trophy crappie on the wall at his home so he would have to catch a 17 incher if he wanted to add to his collection of animals and fish mounts. We hope to go see him and the Greek and Leah in Alaska before they retire and leave Alaska. It does not look like I had a good enough year to make the trip this summer but who knows maybe in 2016 it will happen. The hammer landed a nice 16 and half while we were visiting and we released it too fight another day. I thought for sure she would get a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie but no luck last night. From the knowledge and intell I’ve gained this year and from the past a lot of these fish have been caught after 9 pm at night. I know Shell chick got one of there six at 10;30am but the others were caught in the middle of the night with here trophy fish caught at 12;30 am. Jake is so pumped to get up here on the 5th 6th and 7th of march and can not sleep well. He just loves catching these fish and has read every thing a guy can read about crappies.. A lot of those 10 to 12 inchers we have caught over the last couple years are now pushing over 13 I think. Its not a crappie boom but there was a couple classes that made it through the winters to become a Minnesota class fish. Cool to see that for sure. I have not explored around much for those secret crappie holding spots but will be the next 10 days to point Jake in the right direction. No nap in Minnesota today as I have some frozen broken pipes under the house and now have no water in the cabin for some reason. I ‘m hoping its not a well problem. I also would like to get Minnesota moved to a new location as the spot its at was a bust.
I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the fishermen I took care of this year and hope you have a great summer and see you again next winter as we prepare to some more fun fun fun on such a GRAND LAKE.