Wow mother nature reared her ugly side yesterday as the winds blew out of the south at who knows how many mph. I had a relaxing morning not having to rush out on the lake was kind of a relief . Ole came off the lake around 10 to help me with our water problem. After fiddling with that for a hour or two Ole was off to Montana to have some lunch and just wet a line and relax. He had plans to go fishing with Buddy and Scott and reminiss about his commercial fishing days in Alaska as Scott and Buddy fish in the same areas he did years ago. I headed out onto the lake around 2pm to check the houses and grab a few things from the weekend. The wind was blowing the snow right across hillmens highway and was nice to see. Heading back home two hours later and the snow was starting to drift across the road bank to the south. Darn the luck. I talked to Buddy around 9pm and things have turned real ugly out there.I will be cutting the north edge this morning with blue thunder and buddy will start v plowing the highway. Ole is hunkered down until I get out there. I’m not sure if they hooked up and fished or not. Now the winds have switched out of the north west and again is howling making quite the mess out there. Not what we wanted but we have no choice but to deal with it. The trail to my houses are more then likely blown shut but with smaller berms the first half mile I do not expect 2 feet of snow down the trail . I imagine there are some mighty drifts around the houses though. . I do not think I will be moving any houses again today. I do have to have Minnesota on fresh ice by Friday afternoon for Stacy and her husband. I hope and plan to have all 4 on fresh ice buy Friday. I now need to go pull the carb off of number 1 auger as its a very important tool of the trade. Wish me luck as I head out to battle mother nature today