Marty rolled in around 8am. We fired up blue thunder and repaired a leak in the plow before we headed out on the lake to escort Ole in as she is really blowing and drifting out there. I would say percent of the road has snow drift all most across the road. When we arrived to my road to the east she was gone. We jumped to the wind blown side and headed east. Arriving to Montana I was greeted with a big smile as Ole was limited out on 10 elusive upper red lake crappies plus his two walleyes from sunday here at the house. His plan fell through last night with the wind blowing and he just hunkered down in Montana and mother nature treated him to a special moment catching 10 elusive upper red lake crappies in just under two hours from 9 to 11pm. It could not have happened to a better person and I’m sure he will share all that fish with a couple good friends in the town he lives in. Were off the lake for the day as it is just nasty out there and we will not be doing any plowing until tomorrow.