Plenty to plow that’s for sure. I Imagine we will be helping re opening Buddy Hillmen’s road today. Yesterday would of been futiel as mother nature was running the show yesterday. All the outfitters that made the mad rush to shore paid off for them as blue thunder and the red baron are prepped today for a work out. The red baron is still with Tom the mechanic but I need to pick her up and use it the way it is. Marty is going to run to Northome, as yesterday I took the carb. off of auger number 1 three times and still can not get it to run properly. After seeing Ole’s 10 elusive upper red lake crappies he was chomping at the bit to spend the night out there with his son Rick. All the drifted snow on our trails we felt it was a bad idea, so they stayed here on shore in the cabin. Once I get back to the house’s there will be a ton of snow to move with a couple spots that I may have to go around. Mother nature has changed my plans to keep the houses going up and down on the road system and I have to make at least one final new road system for the house’s for this last 12 days I plan on keeping the houses out. It does feel good to not have to rush out the door in the morning as every thing slowly whines down. We will get Marty set up in Montana tonight and the hammer is going to make us dinner. Not sure if any houses will be moved today. I’m looking forward to spending some time in old Minnesota with the Kellie my sweetheart “The hammer” But I have to steal a nap when were not fishing together