Mart took the auger to Northolm and it turned out auger # 1 had bad gas and were thinking Number 2 also has bad gas. OOps 30 bucks for that. Blue thunder went to work around 930 plowing Buddy Hillmens road. Tom brought over the red baron with a expensive tune up of 473.00 Ouch. Marty headed out and arrived around 12 30 to help with the road. by 230 we were done with 10 miles of road. and We then cut a new trail to the fish houses. Just as I figured plenty of snow drifted in the road system and around the houses. I open up the road and cleared the snow away from the houses while Marty prepped old Minnesota for its move. Everything went smooth as silk and we had her blocked and banked by 430 and I was headed off the lake when I noticed one of my chains on the rear tire was gone. Darn the luck. I had no luck finding it and maybe just maybe I will find it when the snow melts.
Marty and Rick spent the night in Montana and were hoping to land 2 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies so Marty can make his fish soup. Coming off the lake there were three guys setting up a portable, Then half way home I met a truck towing a wheel house. From my count there were three people fishing last night.
Today we will get Florida moved for Stacy and her husband arrival tomorrow. Depending how Marty did we may be also move Montana on to some fresh ice fro the next couple nights.
I also noticed my right front wheel bearing is squeaking really bad on blue thunder 2 . I will have to limp it through the rest of the season, as I sure do not want to take it apart and take a used one off of blue thunder 1 in this weather. Kellie the hammer and I will be having dinner on the lake tonight with Marty and Rick as Marty is making a beef roast. We also plan on fishing old Minnesota in her new spot. Lets hope for a nice relaxing evening fishing and having dinner with a new friends. Life is good on such a grand lake. 8 days and counting jake