My guess would be Montana is burned out after Ole nabbed a limit of elusive upper red lake crappies from underneath her. Marty and Rick did not have much action . They did lose a couple fish that may of been crappies. I had to run to Kellier yesterday morning and Marty met me at the town and country around 11am where we gassed up and made our plans for the day. We also had to get 3 propane’s as I still have a issue turning the heat off the houses. Kellie the hammer would be coming out later to fish old Minnesota with me and have dinner with Marty and Rick. I saw in the distance Buddy and his mechanic were also fishing last night. Buddy Hillmen had set up 4 or 5 wheel houses for the day that were here filming a show for national geograpfhic. That is going to air some time in the future. Last night episode featured Hiem’s Log Homes out of Kellier. Kinda cool. The hammer showed up around 4 after we had moved Minnesota and Florida. We got our lines down and there is something about Old Minnesota as we put in a movie and I was asleep in minutes lying on the bed. The hammer was marking fish right from the get go . After dinner another movie a full stomch and I again fell asleep on the bed. Opps sorry honey. I was awakened a bit later with the hammer dangling a elusive upper red lake in front of me. She was using the vex and may have lost a couple in the next couple hours. I had two rattle wheels down and missed a couple fish on them. One had a small jig with waxie’s. When it went off I thought for sure I had a elusive upper red lake crappie but instead caught a nice walleye. The hammer out fished me again and I may have to take away her vexlar to give the fish a chance and maybe I can use it. My plans right now are to enjoy old Minnesota and keep looking for the mother load. Thnaks for letting me nap sweety. Today I have a couple wheel houses I’m going to point in the right direction . We will move Montana and north Carolina and then be spending another evening fishing old Minnesota and who know maybe I will be able to stay awake and fish